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Sanwaria Warehousing & logistics Limited (SWLL) has been incorporated in 2010 having its registered office at Bhopal. The main business of the company is to take on lease, rent, hire and to construct, build, establish, erect, promote, undertake, acquire, own operate, equip, manage, renovate, recondition, turn to account, maintain and to run warehouses, godowns, open platforms, refrigeration houses, stores and other similar establishments to provide facilities for storage of all kinds of commodities, either on independent basis or along with transportation and handling on integrated basis and tobusiness as a fleet carriers transporters in all its branches on land, air, water, & space, for transporting goods, articles, or things on all routes and lines on National and International level.

It is in the warehousing sector that India is seeing a parallel boom. Warehousing and transportation forms the backbone supply chain of all industries. As commodities trade entered a new phase in India, Country needs more and more warehousing for stocking of various eatable categories

The aim of the Company is to provide adequate scientific storage capacity by providing at the strategic location enabling efficient functioning of supply


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