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Welcome To Sanwaria Energy Limited

Sanwaria Energy Limited (SEL) has been incorporated in 2005 having its registered office at Bhopal. The main Business of the company is generation, distribution, supply, and accumulation of electricity. Along with this the Company will be engaged in the business to manufacture, procure, buy, sell, import, export and deal in electric equipments for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

Private participation into energy sector has grown substantially since 1990, with electricity becoming one of the leading infrastructure sectors in attracting private investments. 2003 was a year of major policy change and will be remembered as a land mark in all years to come.

India is a power deficit country where 50% of State Electricity Board’s revenue lost in pilferage and other losses. Supply of constant and quality energy is the area of concern for all interested peoples and public at large. Emphasis on mechanization, automation and computerization will further increase demand for power significantly in next 10-15 years.

Our mission is to provide uninterrupted, affordable, quality, reliable and clean power to the customers. Also to achieve excellence in service, quality, reliability, safety and customer care. We wish to earn trust and confidence of all customers and stakeholders and by exceeding their expectations, make the company a respected household name.

To harness the inherent strength of available human resources and materials and more importantly to ensure growth with human face has been the guiding philosophy of the group.


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